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At this time of year there are more coughs and colds around and every other person seems to be sniffy and snuffly. If you live in the UK like me you probably just reach for a day nurse or Lemsip to get you through the winter season. But if you travel in Greece you will probably be told to have a few cups of ‘Mountain’ tea.

mountain tea travel in Greece

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Mountain tea also known as shepherd’s tea or Ironwort is one of the most commonly used herbal remedies in Greece. Not only is it ‘prescribed for colds and coughs ‘but I have often been told to drink it when I am feeling run down, have headaches or pre-menstrual. To be honest there isn’t much that supposedly can’t be ‘cured’ with mountain tea.

I have to be honest it isn’t the most delicious of teas. It was slightly sour and a bit ‘grass’ like. I know, I know I’m not selling it to you but let’s admit it Lempsip doesn’t taste that great either!

Travel in Greece mountain tea

Photo: Oros-herbs

Does it work?

The big question though is does it work?  Well as it has been used since ancient times I suspect that it must have something going for it. Those ancient Greeks were terribly clever and knew a thing or two about medicine. All my friends in Greece swear by it…I haven’t taken it for long enough to be convinced. I have to admit do like a drug that comes in a nice shiny foil packet. I’m probably not the best person to ask!

There are many stalls in Volimes and our little port of Agios Nikolas who sell the tea so why not give it a go. For those of you who can’t hang on until you visit Greece then there are a number of online outlets who will send it to you direct such as

So stay well this winter season and perhaps try the Greek way of staying healthy.

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