So a slightly left of centre blog being posted by yours truly this week all about Greek Myths for kids!

Christmas is close!

It has suddenly smacked Me in the face that Christmas is only a few weeks way now. I am still recovering from Halloween but the school Christmas fairs, the abundance of Christmas ads on TV and increasing amounts of tinsel everywhere only go to remind me that I need to get my act together and think about Christmas presents!!

I have 4 children and they are all very different but one thing that all of my boys have been very interested in is Greek Mythology . Obviously having the villa business in Zakynthos has heightened this interest even more and our shelves are now full of books about  Greek mythology. I think this therefore puts me in a  rather good position to recommend my 5 top kids book about Greek Gods and the ancient myths.

My main literary  consultant on this interesting subject has been Theo, my 8 year old who is bordering on obsessive on this subject. His school librarian has even been kind enough to get new titles in for him when he devoured all the current Greek God books in his school library! (Thank you Mrs T)

So as we race head on into present buying season you might want to check these winners out for their Santa sacks:

  • Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

Top 5 Greek Myths for Kids


Theo has loved this series. Using the characters from the Greek Myths Percy Jackson and his friends have epic adventures. My only criticism would be the Americanisms but a top series , worth checking out.


  • Usborne Greek Myths for Young Children

Top 5 Greek Myths for Kids


We have loved reading this one together with my 5 and 8 yea old. As always Usborne have produced a beautiful book with fabulous illustrations. The stories are also conveniently short enough to manage at bedtime.


  • Olympians Series by George O’ Connor

Top 5 Greek Myths for Kids


This is a new series for us but Theo is loving them. They are illustrated in a comic style and have loads of energy and pace. I think there are 6 in the series so plenty of great stories to get stuck into.


  • Greek Myths Sticker Book- Usborne

Greek Myths for kids


Again, another winner by Usborne Books. I have enjoyed doing this with my 5 year old. It feels like we are both learning while hanging out together and having fun. Win –win.


  • Ancient Myths Collection – Orchard Books

Greek Myths for Kids


We love this 16 book set. The stories are simple to understand and condensed into manageable sized books. They are illustrated in a fun ‘Horrid History” style and are small enough to stick in a backpack to have with you when needed.

Greek Myths Kids Books


As adults we can enjoy the Greek myths for their ability to examine human nature and behaviours. As a kid my crew just seem to love the battles, murder and magic!


I would love to hear any recommendations you may have. Please leave a comment below.

By Helen Taylor -Director of The Asteri Collection- Luxury Villas Zakynthos, Greece





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