For many years we spent our family holidays staying at big hotels across the world. Of course we enjoyed our time there but over time we began to look for something that better suited our family’s needs. We dipped our toe in the water with villa stays in Corsica and then Sardinia and eventually our journey took us to the beautiful island of Zakynthos.

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Well the rest, as you know, is history. We loved our villa holiday there so much that we took a huge leap of faith and decided to build a holiday villa on the gorgeous Greek island. Since then we have built a further 3 more villas and now the Asteri Collection offers discerning guests the ultimate in luxurious, laid back villas. Let us give you our top 5 reasons why we genuinely feel a villa holiday has the edge over a hotel break.

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  • Budget

Well this has to be the most obvious point to make. Villa holidays usually represent an amazingly cost effective way of having a holiday.  If you rent a luxury villa and then fill it up the cost per person/night can work out significantly cheaper than a luxury hotel.

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  • No need to share

One of the best things for us about a villa holiday is having the place to yourself. There is never any need to get up early to reserve a sunbed. You always have the pool and jacuzzi to yourself and you can use all the amenities such as boules courts and playrooms whenever you want to use it. No booking, no queues.

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  • Great for feeding families

We find that our crew seem to want to all eat at different times. With two teenagers and two little ones breakfast times don’t have to be negotiated in a villa. Everyone can just get up when they are ready and hit the kitchen. We have also found that it is great to have the convenience of a kitchen when holidaying with kids and their friends. They seem to want to graze all day so it is really easy to just let them help themselves to snacks from the fridge. Was I the only one sticking apples and croissants  into my bag at the hotel buffet breakfasts just to see the kids through to lunch?!!

villa stays The Asteri Collection

  • Peaceful

One of the huge benefits of a villa holiday is of course not having to sit around a noisy pool . I have to admit I also like the relaxation of being able to allow my crew to make as much noise as they like without upsetting anyone else. It is very stressful trying not to upset other guests when your crazy boys insist on shrieking at the top of their voices. Now I can just put on my headphones and they can loon around to their hearts content!

villa stays - The Asteri Collection

  • Space

Our final top reason to rent a villa over a hotel room is space. A villa gives you such a huge amount of space over a hotel room. At the Asteri Collection all of our villas have large terraced areas, outdoor living rooms, gardens and courtyards to spread out in and enjoy in private.

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If you would like to experience our incredible villas then contact us at The Asteri Collection. We can offer all the hotel style services such as babysitting , spa treatments and private chef with all the benefits of our stunning villas.

You’ll never book another hotel room again!!


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Asteri Collection

In an area of outstanding natural beauty on the unspoilt corner of North East Zakynthos you will discover an idyllic spot to spend your Zakynthos experience. Hugged by hills covered in Cypress and Olive trees with views overlooking the sparkling Ionian ocean this is the home of The Asteri Collection.

These three beautifully designed villas have been inspired by the traditional Greek ‘sugar cube’ houses and are a study in bohemian luxury. Here you will find stunning views, luxurious interiors and elegant landscaping.

Private and secluded yet within walking distance of the famous Peligoni Club and the local beach and restaurants of Agios Nikolias these villas cater for all ages and welcome families. Here you can experience laid-back luxury at its best.