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Holidays in Zakynthos are not complete without the experience of snorkelling with the famous Zakynthos Turtles. These beautiful, shy creatures are a protected species. In recent years’ conservationists have been increasing their efforts to give these turtles the best chance they can.

Holidays in Zakynthos – So who are these little fellas?

The protected Caretta Caretta turtle seen during holidays in Zakynthos

While on your holiday in Zakynthos you will hopefully get the chance to come face to face with Caretta Caretta. Most people refer to them as the Loggerhead turtles. They are given this name due to the fact that they have larger heads and a horny beak that is thicker than other turtles. These beautiful creatures are the largest hard-shelled turtle in the world. They are also the most studied.

Holidays in Zakynthos- Where can they be found?

The Bay of Laganas is the most important breeding ground for these turtles. It is located on the South West Coast of the island. It has now been included in the area of the EU Natura Program. This area was designated a National Marine Park in 1999. There are 6 min beaches of Laganas bay and the most important by far is Sekania. Sekania has one of the highest density of nests in the world. This small beach can provide 600 nests per annum. The Greek government  own this protected area.Now only conservationists are allowed in this area. There are many guards around the beaches and there are large fines for trespassers who are caught. We are warning you!

Turtles Nesting Holidays in Zakynthos

An ARCHLEON map showing where the turtles prefer to nest.

The popular beaches with tourists are also popular with nesting turtles. We ask all visitors to the island to take great care.  Follow some simple guidelines to minimise the impact of tourism


Protecting the Caretta Caretta while you are on your holiday in Zakynthos


The National Marine Park  has issued a few simple guidelines for tourists while on their holiday in Zakynthos:


  • Holidays in Zakynthos- The sand must have no umbrellas pushed into it


  •  Holidays in Zakynthos- The beaches should be clear of all rubbish. It is important to ensure it will not interrupt the crawl of the Caretta Caretta Turtles


  •  Holiday in Zakynthos – No bright lights turned towards the turtles.


  • Holidays in Zakynthos -The beaches only allow non motorised vehicles on them.


  • Holiday in Zakynthos -Please respect the Conservationists volunteers who will tell you where it is safe to sit.


  • Holidays in Zakynthos- Don’t interfere with the frames over the nests


  • Holiday in Zakynthos- If you are lucky enough to be there when a nest hatches, don’t touch the baby turtles they need to make their own way to the sea.


  •  Holidays in Zakynthos – If you see a turtle in distress while swimming please inform the nearest volunteer. Please don’t attempt to help them yourself as they can give you a nasty nip!
Baby Turtle Holidays in Zakynthos

Baby turtle heading to sea – Holidays in Zakynthos


The conservationists have identified over 500 nests this year. With this in mind the news is that the turtles’ are mostly doing well. But while you are here on holiday in Zakynthos do take care to protect these creatures, be a responsible tourist, stay at eco friendly villas such as The Asteri Collection  and we can hopefully ensure this gorgeous creature is around for future generations of visitors to this stunning island.



Taygeta -The Asteri Collection

Taygeta -The Asteri Collection


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