Walking in Zakynthos: Off the Beaten Track

Walking in Zakynthos: Off the Beaten Track –Villas in Greece

Olive Grove Walking in Zante Villas in Greece

There’s no doubt that Zakynthos is a holidaymaker’s dream. Constant sunshine? Check. Stunning beaches? Check. Lively nightlife? Fantastic food? Rich culture? Villas in Greece?Check, check, check. It’s easy to spend a week here simply enjoying the feeling of sand between your toes. But if you’re the more active type we recommend that you put on your walking shoes and head out to the countryside. Because beyond the beaches and towns, Zakynthos is also a hiker’s dream…

Villas in Greece Walking in Zante Zakynthos

Away from the population centres, Zakynthos offers peace, serenity and stunning scenery.

The Countryside of Zakynthos-Villas in Greece

At just over 400 square kilometres, Zakynthos is the largest of the Ionian islands. It is also one of the lushest and most beautiful. Forests of cypress and pine cover the mountain slopes. Dappled olive groves fill the valleys. Lemon, orange and other fruit trees peep over garden walls. Everywhere you walk there’s a scent of wild thyme.

Villas in Greece Walking Zante Zakynthos Things to do

Zakynthos is one of the greenest of the Greek islands.

Villas in Greece Wild flowers Zante

Stunning wild flowers


Where to Walk-Villas in Greece

Zakynthos has landscapes to suit every taste and walking ability. If you’re looking for amazing views over the sparkling blue ocean, strike out on a coastal trail. There are plenty of places to start. Try Marathia in the far south of the island or Cape Skinari at the northernmost tip.


Villas in Greece Walking in Zante

The view from Vrachíonas.

If you prefer your walking to be more of the vertical variety, head to the hills. The highest point on Zakynthos is the Vrachíonas ridge. A hike up here affords breathtaking 360° views of the island.

Nestled between the hills are some truly beautiful valleys. Carpeted in deep green with splashes of wildflower colour, it’s hard to beat the variety of plants you’ll find here. For a wonderful walk, take the road through the valley from Thekli to Volimés.

Villas in Greece Walking in Zakynthos Zante

The tiny village of Thekli nestled in a valley.

In all these landscapes, you never what you’ll find round the next corner. It might be a ruined monastery, its ancient frescoes still visible. Or a tiny chapel almost hidden on wooded hillside. A waterfall concealing a cave in a cliff. It might just be a herd of goats that eye your rucksack hungrily as you stroll past. Whatever it is, you’ll feel like you’ve unearthed one of the secrets of Zakynthos.

Villas in Greece Walking in Zante

Discover the ruined monastery of Agios Andreas, standing in a clearing on a clifftop in the north-east of the island.

Guided Walks-Villas in Greece

It’s perfectly safe to set out to do some exploring on your own, as long as you bear in mind the tips below. However, one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy Zakynthos on foot is to go on a guided walk. You don’t have to hook up with crowds of strangers if that’s not your thing. Guides will happily take solo travellers or small groups. This is a great way to discover parts of the island that visitors don’t often see. You can also learn more about the island’s flora, fauna and history as you walk

Villas in Greece walking in Zante Zakynthos

Walking with a group can be a sociable way to explore the island.



Top Tips
  • A good pair of walking shoes or boots is essential. Away from the main highways, roads and paths are stone and gravel, and can be slippery. Go carefully, especially on the mountain slopes.
  • Always take plenty of water with you. Walking in Zakynthos is hot work even in the cooler seasons. Never get dehydrated.
  • Pack a snack. You won’t find many shops or ice-cream vans in the wilder parts of Zakynthos. Make sure you take enough food to fuel your trek!
  • Take a map – either on your phone or a good old-fashioned foldaway one. Walking trails aren’t obviously marked and it can be easy to take a wrong turn.
  • Watch where you’re walking! Conditions on trails can change so keep an eye out for potholes, fallen trees or rock falls.
Villas in Greece Walking in Zante

Watch out for the wildlife!

If you want to discover the beauty of Zakynthos off the beaten track, just let us here at the Asteri Collection know. We have some of the best villas in Greece and know some fantastic, fun, English-speaking walking guides. They can take you to a destination of your choosing or lead you on an excursion to discover places you never knew existed.

Written by Sonya Newland -Walker, writer and lover of Zakynthos

Villas in Greece Wild flowers Zante

Stunning wild flowers


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