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We are incredibly lucky to have one of the most beautiful beaches on Zakynthos right on the doorstep of The Asteri Collection, Zakynthos Greece. Xigia beach is one of the most popular beaches to visit on the island. This stunning beach is not only beautiful to look at but also has many health benefits.


Villa Zante Xigia Beach Zakynthos Asteri Collection


One of the first things that will strike you as you approach this wonderful cove is the incredible colour of the sea. The sea is an almost unbelievable light turquoise. This is due in part to the natural spring water that flows into the sea here picking up the sulphur deposits through the rocks. You can actually see the undissolved minerals pouring into the sea in many areas.

Health Benefits

This flow of sulphur into the sea produces a natural spa which is has a number of wonderful healing properties. The perfect combination of fresh spring water, crystal clear ocean and minerals create a therapeutic spa. Conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and arthritis are thought to benefit from this high mineral content. Due to the higher than average mineral density the sea is also wonderfully easy to float and relax in.


As you might expect this beach is popular with visitors to the island. The beach is only 5 minutes from our villas back down the road heading south into Zakynthos. You will find the beach tucked away on your left hand side. It is quite hard to see the beach as you drive but often it can be smelt before it can be seen. The characteristic sulphurous ‘egg’ smell can be strong particularly on windy days!

Zakynthos Greece Villa Asteri Collection

There is a parking area set aside for visitors. The parking area is well signposted. The beach itself is reached down a long flight of steep steps. Once you are on the beach are a sunbeds and umbrellas for use. The beach itself is small but comfortable and is a mostly pebbly with small stones. Swimming in the sea should be done with care as the beach shelves away quite quickly and can get the sea gets deep quite quickly.

Grab a snack

A small beach bar at the top of the cliffs serves guests. In addition there is a clever pulley system.

This means there is no need to walk all the way back up the steps to grab an ice cream. Serving staff on the beach will take your order and deliver your food and drink via a basket that is pulled up and down the cliffs!

Xigia beach Zante Zakynthos Greece Villa The Asteri Collection

This stunning beach with all its beauty and health benefits is not to be missed. It you wish to stay close to this beach on the beautiful island of Zakynthos then book your stay at The Asteri Collection now.


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